7 Late Summer Rituals For The Start Of The Harvest Season


In the northern hemisphere, August is a month that many people spend cooling off on the beach or barbecuing in the backyard. Yet, we forget that the month historically signaled the start of the harvest season and the time to collect the first crops of grain, wheat, and oats.

In Northern Europe, there is a tradition to celebrate the beginning of the harvest on or around August 1 with a Lammas celebration. Sometimes called Lughnasadh after the god of craftsmanship, this┬áChristian holiday falls midway between June’s summer solstice and the autumn equinox in September. Many Native American tribes also acknowledge the harvest around this time. Some tribes in the southeastern United States celebrate the Green Corn Ceremony, which is tied to the ripening of the corn crops, with dancing, feasting, and religious observation.

To acknowledge this special time of year, here are some ideas for rituals you can use to check in with yourself and do an internal harvest of sorts:

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