7 Ways To Revive Flat Hair, From Hairstylists


Those partial to an air-dry or wash-and-go, picture this: You style your hair to perfection post-rinse, only to find it looking deflated after just a couple of hours. You may lift, tease, or switch up your part in the hopes of reviving the look, but those locks just seem to stick to your roots like a magnet. Not to fret (or throw your hair into a bun in defeat), there are a multitude of ways to volumize your hair and keep it from looking flat. 

An important note before diving into it: Flat hair actually refers to strands that lie close to the crown of the head, usually with a finer texture. That said, you can absolutely have curls, coils, or waves and still struggle with flat hair, especially if your scalp is oilier. While those tendrils may lie limp near your face, the real problem stems from the roots—it all starts with those hair follicles.

Below, seven stylist-approved ways to give your hair volume that lasts all day. Time for the fluffy, full hair of dreams:

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