8 Things You Should Know Before Starting The Whole30 Diet


So what does a day on Whole30 look like, you ask? Take it from the founder herself!

Urban often starts her day with eggs and berries, with the addition of spinach and walnuts for extra nutrients. She’s also a fan of this cricket protein for her morning shakes. (Yes, like those crickets.)

For lunch, she’s a fan of chicken, tuna, or salmon “salad” stuffed in a pepper, wrapped in a lettuce wrap, or over a green salad topped with almonds, scallions, and just a little sea salt.

And for dinner, Urban has some combo of “ground meat with stuff over stuff,” as she calls it. Basically, ground beef, chicken, or turkey with vegetables over a base like zoodles, sweet potatoes, or baby spinach. 

For snack ideas and Whole30-approved recipes, you can check out the extensive list of recipes on the Whole30 website.

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