Accessories That Make Air-Frying Meals Better and Cleaner


Appliances that air-fry can make almost any food deliciously crispy. They require significantly less oil than a deep fryer, and work faster than an oven. Because they’re often sold with minimal accessories, you might not realize how versatile they are—or how simple they can be to clean. Below, we recommend three add-ons to take cooking to the next level.

To Minimize the Messy Aftermath

This silicone, BPA-free container holds items and serves as an extra layer of protection for your gadget, so you’ll have less mess to deal with later. It’s also safe inside a pressure cooker, microwave or oven at temperatures up to 446 degrees. Available in three sizes.

To Expand Your Meal Repertoire

You’ll be well-equipped to explore your device’s range of functions with this kit. There are pans for baking cakes and pizza, plus racks for placing skewers, meats and fish, and bread. Also included are a silicone mat to protect your countertop, egg-bite molds, silicone oven mitts, a plate dish clip, an oil brush, and a recipe book.

To Make an Appliance More Versatile

This detachable lid converts select pressure cookers into air fryers, so you won’t have to buy a whole separate appliance. Set it to broil, bake, roast, reheat or dehydrate, or manually choose the temperature and time. It comes with a multi-level basket, protective pad/storage cover and a broil/dehydrate tray.

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