How To Handle This “11/2” Month


The 11 carries one of the most powerful vibrations in numerology (as I said, master number!). It is the number of the spiritual leader and of the psychic, associated with cosmic wisdom, insights, and otherworldly phenomena. If numerology is any indication, this month will be a time of great awakening when people begin to wake up to their own inner truths as well as cosmic truths.

Since this month is not just an 11 but also a 2, it’s a prime time for people to come together. The 2 number represents the peacekeeper, balance, and harmony. (If you’re into astrology, the 2 is big Libra energy!) It is also the number of partnership and cooperation. It gives us a nudge to begin to work together to achieve collective goals instead of personal, individualistic ones. The focus is now on community and gathering to execute a higher vision—which couldn’t be more apt for the moment in time in which we find ourselves.

The 2 is slow and steady on its path toward collective growth. The 2 never rushes into anything, as it’s always seeking balance in all that it does. With this energy in the air, if you are pushing too hard for a specific outcome, there will undoubtedly be pushback. The key is patience and trust. The 11/2 energy also does not like conflict. So there may be less conflict, or different kinds of conflict, than there was last month.

What does spirituality mean to you? What calls to your soul at this time? How can you link up with your community to achieve a brighter future for everyone? These are questions to ask yourself this July.

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