How We Found Our First $10,000 Per Month Amazon FBA Products


Want to know how we found our first $10,000 per month Amazon FBA products?

My fiancée, Tatiana and I know what it’s like to be beginners on Amazon. We have done a lot of hard work to build our Amazon businesses to where they are today.

As always, we want to add massive value and share with you what has worked for us so that you too can thrive in your Amazon business.

If you are a new Amazon seller and you’re ready to launch your first product, keep reading!

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Finding your Amazon FBA products is an exciting process.

However, when we first started selling on Amazon we didn’t use tools like Jungle Scout that help you save time and money. Rather, we did it the hard way, which is not recommended! This is why we suggest that you use Amazon-related tools in the Amazon product research process. This is what will allow you to leverage your success.

Before Tatiana started selling on Amazon she went through the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course. In that course, she was instructed to come up with a list of 10-15 viable products that she would be interested in private labeling. She had no idea what product she wanted to sell beforehand. Not knowing what she wanted to sell proved to be an advantage because it meant that she was open to new product ideas.

A lot of people who start an Amazon business go into the process with a fixed idea about what product they want to sell. Unfortunately, they get too attached to an idea and their product doesn’t sell. Why? Because it wasn’t a product that the Amazon marketplace was interested in. If there is no demand for a product, you won’t make money.

Tatiana made a list of the 15 products she was interested in. Out of those 15 products, most of them she couldn’t afford because she was on such a tight budget. She was working as a server and was in school full-time. She saved $300 and invested it into her inventory.

The product she chose was $0.20 cents per unit. It was a konjac sponge.

She purchased 1,000 units for $200 and then she spent $100 to pay for her air shipping. Luckily, there was demand for that product so it was a viable option. She launched her product on Amazon and started to make money fairly quickly.

It was selling at $10 per unit, which meant that there wasn’t a lot of opportunities to make money. However, she didn’t expect to make much from her first product. Her intention was merely to learn how the process worked. Over time, as she sold more products, she made more money. Once she started to pocket some of the profit that she was making from her first product, she saved it for the second product.

Once she had a few thousand dollars saved from her first product, Tatiana launched her second product which had more potential. This is what helped her profit more. During this time, she saw that there was a trend of people who were buying a 3D-fiber lash mascara. She decided to private label this product and sell it for $15.

She became one of the first Amazon sellers to sell this product.

It was risky but she did it! The problem with the product was that it was topical which meant that there was a liability risk. If someone ended up having an allergic reaction, Tatiana would have been sued.

If you’re going to be sourcing ingestible or topical products, you want to source them in the country in which you are going to be selling. Although Tatiana was making $10,000 per month from that product, she decided to sell all of her inventory and go onto her third product.

For her third product, she decided to sell waist trainers. She discovered this product through personal experience and was getting great results from using it. After doing her research, she found that waist trainers were in high demand on Amazon. However, there was a lot of competition.

Despite the risk, she took the challenge because she knew that she could market it well. That’s exactly what she did. She researched the reviews of her competitors and found a great manufacturer who was open to modifying the product in ways that improved it. Every time she ordered more inventory, she improved her product, thereby differentiating herself from the other Amazon sellers. This is why she is able to sell it at $60.

When I started selling on Amazon, I already had experience building my own online businesses.

I got into Amazon because Tatiana had a desire to. We went through the ASM training together. We both had a goal to launch a product on Amazon which was a great motivation for both of us. Whenever we had free time, we invested time in building our Amazon businesses. I had an idea of the type of product that I wanted to sell. I was interested in health and fitness because, at the time, I was doing a fitness competition.

The product that I was thinking of selling was a water bottle. Once I went through ASM and did the research on the product, I realized that it wasn’t a smart product to start with. I started to look at all of the existing products that I was using in my own life. That’s when I thought about selling supplements.

I take a lot of supplements on a daily basis, like L-Carnitine, CLA, BCAA’s, and testosterone boosters. ASM has a criterion of what they recommend, so I followed it. I already had experience publishing books on Amazon so I knew how the process worked.

However, I still wanted to go through the ASM course with an open mind and not allow my existing preconceived notions to influence my decisions. Hence, I humbled myself and trusted the ASM process. I made a list of 10-15 products and manually went through the different listings and products that were selling on Amazon.

As I was going through the process, I looked for a product that didn’t have as much potential to make money from, but that would be an easy product to start with. In my mind, I was already thinking of the 2nd and 3rd products that I would eventually sell.

I had a vision of having a whole supplement brand.

L-Carnitine ended up being the supplement that I chose. This is an amino acid that I was taking every day. It helps with fat loss and muscle recovery. Once I started researching suppliers, I found out that I couldn’t source it from China or outside of the U.S. due to FDA regulations. I ended up finding suppliers in the U.S. I interviewed them and asked them for specific reports on how they manufacture products.

Luckily, I had a friend in the supplement industry. He went through the reports in order to determine which supplier was the best manufacturer. I also created a packaging strategy so that my product would stand out from the competition. That first product made me $10,000 per month.

The biggest challenge that I faced with this product was that it was really hard to differentiate myself from others. My second product was a CLA supplement, followed by my 3rd product which was BCAA. My fourth product was a testosterone booster. With each new product, there was an increase in potential. You learn from every product that you sell.

This is how we found our first $10,000 per month Amazon FBA products.

We hope you have enjoyed our stories and experiences about how we found our first Amazon products. We want you to save money and time so that you can leverage your Amazon business. Amazon has changed our lives forever. If you aren’t already, I encourage you to subscribe to Tatiana’s YouTube channel. She publishes a lot of great content related to e-commerce, Amazon, and Shopify.

We recommend that you go through a great course like ASM and get a tool like Jungle Scout to help you with the product research process. Doing so will help to accelerate your success. If you stay committed to the process and don’t give up, you too can create the financial freedom that we have today. Happy selling!

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