Morning Docket: 11.18.19


* Three Indiana judges are in hot water after they partied until 3 a.m., headed to a strip club, and got shot at during a brawl outside of a White Castles. Apparently another judge who went inside the White Castle was unharmed and avoided discipline, which just shows you the power of the crave. [New York Times]

* The Florida Bar is seeking to suspend a Florida lawyer whose pants caught on fire during an arson trial. Maybe he was a “liar, liar”… [Miami Herald]

* A Manhattan judge ruled in favor of Mark Kasowitz’s client, but never disclosed that he received campaign donations from Kasowitz and an associate. [New York Daily News]

* A Texas lawyer has been accused of conspiring with a funeral home to illicitly solicit clients. I guess instead of being an “ambulance chaser” this attorney is accused of being a “hearse chaser.” [Texas Lawyer]

* Planned Parenthood has won a civil lawsuit against parties responsible for undercover videos of Planned Parenthood activities. [Independent]

* Two Arkansas chemistry professors have been charged with cooking meth. Hopefully, they did not use Breaking Bad as their inspiration. [Washington Post]

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