White Woman Blocked a Black Family from Leaving a Grocery Store After Child Stepped Up Onto a Shelf


Move over, Amy Cooper. There’s a new white woman who thinks her job is to police Black folks for the high crime of…being Black in public.

Working mom Shaneeka Montgomery-Strickland was in a Kroger supermarket in Livonia, Michigan, when one of her three children wanted a Gatorade that was out of reach. So he stepped on the bottom shelf for a boost to grab it. Apparently, this bothered a fellow shopper so much that she scolded Shaneeka’s child and then yelled at the mom, Shaneeka told Fox 2 Detroit.

But that wasn’t the end of it. When Shaneeka was ready to leave the parking lot, the angry white woman stood behind Shaneeka’s car, with her own child in a stroller, so Shaneeka couldn’t pull out. Shaneeka started broadcasting the incident to Facebook Live; the white woman was annoyed that Shaneeka was recording her child. But ”you can’t just stay hush hush about everything and keep on letting people get away with nonsense,” Shaneeka told Fox 2.

Shaneeka, who said she was in the middle of her workday in her Facebook video, also said that she called the police to get the woman to move. During this same video, the white mom can be heard telling Shaneeka’s children that they’re “well-behaved,” to which Shaneeka responded, “The way you talked to my kids in the aisle, you don’t think they were well-behaved, ma’am.”

“It’s like you’re holding me hostage,” Shaneeka added. “She’s interrupting me from my delivery…I have a job that I’m completing and you just refuse to leave from in front of my car…this is just straight racist, that’s what this is.”

About 10 minutes into the Facebook live, police arrived, and Michigan Amy Cooper made sure they heard from her first. After Shaneeka explained her side of the story, she requested a police escort because she said she was afraid of the white mom.

In a follow-up video, Shaneeka said, “It was just about the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

The first video was viewed more than 200,000 times just four days after it was initially posted on Jun. 13. The response to it? “People are very angry and upset about it because they say it makes no sense,” Shaneeka told Fox 2. “What is wrong with people? Why are they still out here doing this after all that’s going on, all the changes we’re trying to make? After Black Lives Matter? It makes no sense.”

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