Who Should Be Eating More Protein Than What’s Recommended?


Campbell notes, “The results are not meant to encourage everyone to increase their protein intake in general. Most adults who are consuming adequate amounts of protein may only benefit from moderately higher protein intake when they are purposefully trying to change their body composition.”

That’s because, as their research found, more protein didn’t provide any benefits for people who weren’t lifting or trying to lose weight, suggesting other changes need to occur alongside increased protein for it to make a difference.

“There is so much encouragement, advertising and marketing for everyone to eat higher protein diets,” Hudson says, “and this research supports that, yes, under certain conditions, including strength training and weight loss, moderately more protein may be helpful, but that doesn’t mean more is needed for everybody at all times.”

So if you’re looking to lose weight or tone your muscles, getting more protein throughout your day could help. But if you’re happy with where you on the scale and in the gym, sticking to the daily recommended intake will serve you just fine.

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