Why HIIT Is Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale’s Go-To Workout


It’s rare that we believe anyone when they say celebrities are just like us, but in this case, we stand corrected. According to Hollywood Life, the workout regimen of singer-actress duo of Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the endless, mind-numbing gym routine we had in mind. In fact, it’s surprisingly similar to our own—and maybe even yours. 

Believe it or not, Tisdale and Hudgens spend their workout sessions doing HIIT (otherwise known as high intensity interval training). Given what we know about HIIT, it’s not all that surprising that it’s these starlets’ workout of choice. Besides being an efficient workout style for those who are short on time (working at a high intensity for less time yields benefits that are equivalent to, or supersede, the benefits of a longer, less intense workout), HIIT is fantastic for your health—including your heart, your weight, and overall cardiovascular fitness

Their trainer, Luke Milton, says that HIIT is his go-to when helping clients work toward their goals, whether they’re weight, strength, or well-being related. 

“It’s all about spiking the heart rate and challenging your body in bursts of intensity,” Milton says. “I strongly believe in HIIT—it is by far the most efficient way to work out and with a professionally designed program you can target all parts of the body and build lean muscle, whilst improving cardiovascular health and general well-being.”

So the major takeaways here are that 1) Vanessa and Ashley work out together, which we have so many questions about (do they ever reminisce about High School Musical?) and 2) HIIT is so effective that even celebrities with personal trainers are doing it. The best part? You can do HIIT workouts on your own at the gym or even at home if you wanted to. Milton lists curtsey lunges with weights and high intensity cardio, like an Air Bike, as some of his favorite exercises. 

If you’re interested in trying HIIT, Milton says it’s easy to put killer workouts together on your own (though, it never hurts to confirm with a trainer that what you’re doing makes sense). 

He recommends building a circuit by choosing nine exercises and performing each for 45 seconds, then repeating that circuit three times. Other movements Milton loves include bench presses, dumbbell squats, jumping rope, bent over rows with a kettlebell, reverse lunges with dumbbells, a rowing machine, band bicep curls, and weighted deadlifts. 

“By combining resistance work with high intensity cardio stations, your body uses up body fat and also builds lean muscle. Do this for 45 minutes and your body will certainly thank you. 

Seems pretty intense, right? It is. But during a HIIT circuit, you move quickly from one exercise to another—so you’re never stuck doing a move you loathe for long. You’ll also feel like a rockstar afterwards, and that, to me, is well worth it.

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